Mission Action Plan

In 1996 we were asked by the Diocesan Bishop to devise a Mission Statement together with the associated action plan to bring the statement into being. We have tried at Holy Cross to live by this statement in the years which have followed and also, from time to time have sought to amend the list of aims to fit the situation in which we have found ourselves.

We took into account the five marks of Mission as presented to ACC 6 in 1984. It is interesting to note that since our own plan and statement the Missio Commission reporting in 1999 led to TEAC presenting ACC 13 with two additional marks of mission:
(6) to worship and celebrate the grace of God and
(7) to live as one holy, catholic and apostolic church.
Once again Holy Cross is in the vanguard of Anglican Missiology!

As we have sought to respond to the present Bishop's request we have looked in some detail at our original statement. We believe that the statement at its simplest is

"We rejoice".

We try to ensure that this attitude underlies everything that we are and do. It is the fundamental mark of the church as both a baptismal and a Eucharistic community. Such an attitude rejects the facile distinction between mission and maintenance and seeks to build for the future on the firm foundations of the past.

"We Rejoice"

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  • The Mission of the Worship of God
  • The Mission of Growing up
  • The Mission of Pastoral Care
  • The Mission of our buildings
  • The Mission of our Common Life
  • The Mission of Sharing